1. 1.    BACKGROUND
    1. Company History

The directors of ABOUT-GROUP have over 20+ years experience in the building trade.  For the past 3 years ABOUT – GROUP was involved in a project of Anglo American, Postmasburg, Northern Cape as sub-contractor to Toopvar Investments.  852 houses were completed during this period.


  1. What we do

Our organization specialize in all exterior and interior painting of all buildings, walls, floors, roofs, palisades, parapets, driveways and factories.  We also specialize in manufacturing our own carcasses and install cupboards from RDP houses, economic, and contract kitchens, to real upper market kitchens.


    1. Vision statement

The vision of ABOUT – GROUP CONSTRUCTION is to become a leading role player in our field of operation, adhering to the highest standards and professionalism in painting and installations of kitchens and other in house woodwork.


  1. Mission statement

Our mission is to install top quality cupboards and to deliver top quality painting.  This is all done in accordance of our clients stated needs.  The high standard of craftsmanship and service, promotes our business to potential customers.


  1. Business goals for painting to support our mission
  • Concentrate on the business of painting.
  • To keep in touch of developments and trends in the painting profession.
  • To train our employees properly for their task.
  • To ensure a sufficient work force.


  1.  Business objective for painting to support our goals
  • To stay focused on the painting business with a high standard of quality painting.
  • Preparation of surfaces to be painted well, done in advance.
  • Expert waterproofing of all types of surfaces; as and when needed.
  • To stay masters in all fields and techniques of the three types of paints, mainly watercolor; acrylics and oils.
  • Work closely together with Plascon and to make use of all help and technical skills that is available.
  • To ensure that all workers have done the basic training course with Plascon and is constantly busy with skill developments.
  • Workforce of over 200 painters available, supervisors and foreman’s to task any project or development.



  1.  Business goals for kitchens, cupboards and other internal woodwork to support our mission
  • To stay focussed on our mission and not to deviate.
  • To support our client with advice as and when needed.
  • To stay abreast of developments in our industry.
  • To ensure that our workforce is properly trained.
  • To ensure quality work.
  • To promote teamwork and set a climate for high morale for our employees.


  1.  Business objectives for kitchens, cupboards and other internal woodwork to support our goals
  • To regularly ascertain that we do not deviate from our purpose to install kitchens and cupboards by getting involved in other non-aligned activities.
  • To constantly exercise quality control on work in progress and completed work.
  • To be constantly aware of the clients need for support in stating their needs.
  • To ensure well-trained employees, we thoroughly clean new applicants and rotating employees to perform their set task.  “On the job training” is always done under guidance of a competent mentor.
  • Exhibitions are regularly attended to update on the latest trends and machinery.
  • To concentrate on good human relations and promoting the spirit of teamwork, thus ensuring higher productivity.
  • We have over 20 years experience in the kitchen trade from melamine to solid kitchens and we promise to satisfy your needs.
  • We offer a free design service giving you advice on how to plan your kitchen and 3D designs.



  1.  Values
  • The integrity of our company is foremost Honesty and transparency within our organization, as well as towards our clients, is of utmost importance to us.
  1. Products & Services

Our kitchens and all other indoor woodwork are made from the very best materials as required by our clients.  We give a warranty on all our kitchen cupboards and offer you unequaled after sales service.  All material used are from well known supplies, such as P.G. Bison.For painting we work closely together with Plascon and Dulux and do make use of their help and technical skills.


  1. 4.    SAFETY

Toopvar Investments was part of the Anglo American project at Postmasburg, where they built 852 houses in the past three years.


ABOUT GROUP was part of the project at Postmansburg that set a 26 miljon hours accident free world record.


Our employees had training in “Recovery at Heights” and have done the Internal Anglo American Savety Courses A1, A2 and A3.


The employees work under strict safety conditions with Daily Safety Task Instructions  (DSTI) and risk assessments on appropriate trade.



We have the ability  to conduct quality products and services and work any place in the RSA at competitive prices.


ABOUT GROUP was part of Toopvar Investments that received the 2013 award from the National Home Builders Regulation Council (NHBRC), as the best housing development company in South Africa for 2013.


The company also has Letters of Good Standing and Public Liability.

The about group was formed by the artisans for the artisans.

We specialize in
  • About Paint
  • About Kitchens
  • About Tiling
  • About Ceilings and Cornice
  • About Plumbing
  • About Health and Safety

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